Welcome to TOO Designs!

Founded by the dynamic architect duo, Sureen and Thomas Gouws, TOO Designs is an Australian art and design studio dedicated to crafting distinctive minimalistic pieces. We believe that exceptional art and design should be straightforward, inspiring, and enduring. Each meticulously handcrafted piece reflects our commitment to quality, integrity, and longevity.

At TOO Designs, all our products are meticulously designed and crafted locally in Australia. By investing in our locally designed and manufactured, timeless pieces, you not only bring high-quality decor into your home but also contribute to the vitality of local creativity.

Embrace the contemporary aesthetic, experience the benefits of minimalist living, and surround yourself with items that stand the test of time.


Before landing in Australia back in 2018, we spent a good 17 years running an architecture practice in Pretoria, South Africa.

About a decade ago, we were on the hunt for unique designer gifts for our clients but came up short. Frustrated with the lack of quality and unique options, we decided to take matters into our own hands and started designing our own wall clocks. Surprisingly, they became a hit, and we found ourselves turning our passion into a successful side business.

Fast forward to 2019, and we made the leap from architecture to art and design with the launch of 'TOO designs'.

Despite the shift, our love for art and design stayed strong, heavily influenced by our architectural roots.

Thomas and Sureen, charting distinctive artistic paths in their careers. Explore their unique styles and uncover original artworks and commission opportunities on their respective websites.

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