For the average person in a non-creative career, “creativity” conjures images of “down time” activities that tend to be thought of as unimportant or time-wasting - drawing, colouring in, craft activities, cooking, even gaming. But we’re here to spread the word - creativity is for everyone, and should definitely take pride of place on your list of priorities regardless of whether it’s a part of your professional life or not. The benefits that you (and the space in which you work) can reap from spending time creating, making and doing are second to none - increased innovation, freedom, growth, stress relief, and experimentation, just to name a few!

We get it - between working a 9 to 5, raising a family, and day-to-day routine, it can be hard to set aside dedicated time to creating and making. We’re lucky enough to spend a large portion of our lives creating, designing and making and reap the benefits of doing so most days - so if you still need some convincing, we’re here to deliver.


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In need of some stress relief?

Remember the adult colouring book boom of 2019 and 2020? Well, there was actually a very good reason for it. Creating and making is meditative - think of that feeling when you really get into a project and into its “flow”. It becomes easy to forget that time is passing and your worries feel far, far away - ultimately, you’re engaged, and you’re present, not stressing about the past or the future (something we spend far too much time doing!).

(Magnetic Art: 'FUSION' Square)


 Express yourself!

There’s a lot that goes on in our subconscious mind, but creativity presents a great way to explore and get in touch with ourselves in a way that is tangible and “real world”. Just like the clothes we choose to wear everyday, creative projects connect you with your inner being, and the more you connect, the more you grow.

(Art Prints Collection - Choose your colours)


It’s OK to make mistakes

Working in a creative (safe!) space teaches us that it’s OK to explore new things and mediums, make mistakes and problem solve our way out of them. When we make creative mistakes, wonderful things can happen - life is a fine balance of making things happen for us and letting things happen to us. 

It’s time to get experimental…

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty to stir up those innovative cells and sparks. Being creative gives us permission to try new things, move outside the box (and your comfort zone!), or explore and combine mediums in unexpected ways. There aren’t many areas of our lives where this is possible, so harness it whenever you can!

Revisit childhood freedoms

Again, just like being experimental, there are not many areas of our lives where we get to be completely free in our self expression. Creativity doesn’t care about “please”s and “thank you”s, it represents an opportunity to revisit the best bits of childhood without fear of consequence - wonder, playfulness, even silliness.

(TOO Do day planner clock - Whiteboard surface)



Finally, creativity is essential to innovation - the more time you allow for creation, the more likely you are to have a “eureka” moment! This isn’t confined to the world of art and design either, thinking in new and different ways leads to innovation in every aspect of life.

Convinced? We thought so! Just in time for you to take the first step in exploring your creativity, we’ve released our brand new customisable geometric art prints. Choose from 30 colours, 4 sizes and 12 print designs to personalise your print and express your creativity.

(Art Prints - Choose your colours)

Happy creating!

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