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'ARC' Magnetic Art

TOO D Magnetic Art invites everyone to 'Be Creative TOO'. It is fun and user-friendly - anyone can create artworks effortlessly!

ARC is available as a Kit (magnetic shapes) in a selection of colours or with a canvas in standard rectangle or standard square.

You can also choose your own canvas size with your own selection of magnetic shapes and colours to design your own masterpiece!

  • Arrange and layer the shapes on the canvas in your designs and change it as often as you like
  • Collect shapes in your own colour palette to compliment your interior
  • Create your own design composition and change it as often as you want
  • Create larger scaled artworks in various configurations with modular canvases
  • Artwork that grows and adapts with you, your interior style and colour palette
  • Optional: Composition can be permanently fixed
  • Custom colours and shapes available on request (depending on material and quantities)

KIT: Packaged in a brown cardboard box (300 x 300 x 20mm):
2 x Powder coated steel Quadrants (300mm radius)

Canvas: Standard Square 620 x 620 x 20mm or Standard Rectangle 620 x 420 x 20mm.

Additional Steel canvasses available in 4 Sizes: 620 x 620 x 20mm; 620 x 420 x 20mm; 920 x 620 x 20mm; 920 x 920 x 20mm

Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia