TOO much to do every day?  Get your day visually organised with this whiteboard wall clock. Create your to-do list, daily schedule, numbers, symbols, words or creative drawings with any magic marker or white board pens.

Available in 2 sizes: Standard (250mm dia) & Large (490mm dia)

Includes 1 x Black Artline Supreme Whiteboard Marker and cleaning cloth. Additional coloured markers can be bought separately to add more fun! 

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Clocks designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

The Story behind TOO-do Clock:

The recent Covid-19 lockdown we all experienced sparked the idea for the TOO-do whiteboard clock. Having to work from home while home-schooling our young children left us a bit overwhelmed and we felt the need to better plan our day. We started writing on one of the clocks in our house with a whiteboard marker to map out our family’s day tasks and were surprised at how well it worked to be able to see the whole day at a glance. We found that planning our day in such a visual and easily understandable way let to much better communication between our family members and it really helped us to get to everything that needed to be done. We realised that we weren’t the only ones struggling to manage our time and that we had a solution that could benefit a lot of people - that’s when we started to put TOO-do clock into production.