TOO D Magnetic Art invites everyone to 'Be Creative TOO'. It is fun and user-friendly - anyone can create artworks effortlessly!

Choose from 4 sizes of metal canvases and a variety of kit collections in different steel geometric shapes and colours with magnetic backings. OR choose your own canvas size with your own selection of magnetic shapes and colours to design your own masterpiece!

Arrange and layer the shapes on the canvas in your designs and change it as often as you like. Collect different shapes and colours for endless design possibilities. 

Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia

TOO D art, Dynamic art, Metal magnetic shapes, Why should art be static, 4 sizes Tasmanian oak frame, steel canvas. Create own artwork and change design. Custom colours. Geometric art, Modern art, Abstract art.


Collect shapes in your own colour palette to compliment your interior

- Create your own design composition and change it as often as you want

- Create larger scaled artworks in various configurations with modular canvases

- Artwork that grows and adapts with you, your interior style and colour palette

- Release your inner creativity, self-expression, accomplishment, and stress.

Gift size mini magnet art from matt acrylic that can be used on any steel surface - perfect gift for designers and architects