TOO Designs is an Australian art & design studio founded by architect couple, Sureen and Thomas Gouws. We are passionate about creating unique minimalistic decor pieces for the contemporary home. We believe great art & design should be simple, inspiring and timeless. Every handcrafted piece we create echoes our values of quality, integrity and longevity.

All products are locally designed and made in Australia.


Before migrating to Australia in 2018 and settling on the Mornington Peninsula, we've had our own architecture practice for 17 years, based in Pretoria, South Africa. When we started TOO in April 2019, we shifted our focus from architecture to art and design, which has always been a great passion for us both. Our architectural roots however greatly influenced the brand's aesthetic and our design approach.

We moved our business to Brisbane, QLD at the end of September 2022.



The monochromatic wall reliefs explore the unique three-dimensional shapes created by layering geometric shapes.

It also examines the interplay between light and how it influences the perception of the works. By only using one single colour, the emphasis falls on the shadows created by the different shapes and their compositions. The artworks’ response to the changing light in its environment offers a unique perspective every time.

Her works are constructed from wood and hand-painted with textural paint, all done in the Brisbane Studio. The beauty lies in the balance between the clean lines of the laser cut wood and the uneven hand paint texture that gives each artwork a soul of its own.

As an architect, Sureen is intrigued by circular shapes and their inherent energy. They are symbols representing totality, wholeness and timelessness.

She aims to create balance, harmony, and a sense of calmness in her art through a minimalist approach. Her creative process is similar to meditation for her. She reminds the viewer to focus their attention inwards and “reset” their mind. Through her art, she recreates a feeling of Zen for people like her who struggle with anxiety and the demands of everyday life. She hopes that her art will help people unwind from a hectic lifestyle, making them more resilient, productive, calm and happier all around.

Instagram: @sureen_gouws_art



Thomas Gouws is an abstract artist living in Brisbane, Australia. Originally from South Africa, he worked as an architect for more than 20 years before immigrating to Australia in 2018 with his wife and young daughters.

His minimalistic mixed media artworks are explorations of geometric abstraction and draw inspiration from his architectural background. His practise examines the layers where the disciplines of Art & Architecture convergence, and embodies a language of pure, clean geometries combined with coarse, rugged textures and tonal colour schemes. His process is largely intuitive and involves layering form, colour and texture to reveal a new inter-connectedness of parts.

His experimental approach explores a variety of mediums and materials including painted timber collage. His mostly muted colour palettes are inspired by nature and blend the concepts of landscape, time, memory, and connection.

Instagram: @thomas_gouws_art