As architect couple, Thomas and Sureen Gouws, had their own award winning practice for close to 20 years in South Africa, focusing mainly on residential projects. When they migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 2018 they decided it was time for a career change TOO. They wanted to focus on their passion for art and design, while having a balanced family life TOO. 

The drive force behind TOO lies in the creative process, to make something out of nothing. Their mission is to empower their customers with tools to experience the same 'creative kick' that they crave: 'Be creative TOO'. They rethink the concept of art and home decor in a minimalist and interactive fashion. 

The brand's aesthetic is characterised by clean architectural lines and bold, simple geometric shapes. A main feature of the brand is that the products can be customized to suit your own preference or colour scheme.

All products are locally manufactured in the Melbourne region, Australia.