Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks
Mini Art Magnets - Blocks

Mini Art Magnets - Blocks

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Sets of different geometric shaped matt acrylic magnets that allow you to create amazing art pieces on your fridge, locker or any other steel surface. It is the perfect gift for any creative person or geometry fanatic. Collect all three sets.

  • Selection of Black and white matt acrylic shapes with magnetic backing.
  • Overall Size: 100 x 200 x 3mm, variety of shapes and sizes
  • Packaged in clear plastic envelope on printed card.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia


    Kits consist of a variety of finishes in geometric shapes with a magnetic backing. The shapes are your brush and paint. Choose your shapes and colour palette from our Kit collections. Collect and combine kits to create infinite designs. 

    Sizes of geometric shapes:

    Squares (300 x 300mm)

    Rectangles (300 x 150mm)

    Stripes (300mm x 30mm)

    Quadrants (300mm radius)

     Packaged in a brown kraft box with total weight ranging from 1.7kg - 3,8kg

    (depending on number of pieces in each collection)



    The timber frame adds natural warmth to the art, complimenting the flat vibrant colours of the geometric shapes. A custom timber profile in sustainably harvested solid Tasmanian Oak was developed to give the elegant shadow line effect of a front load frame while acting as structural stiffener for the thin metal canvas plate.

    The canvas consists of a hand-framed unfinished raw Tasmanian oak frame and a matt off-white pre-powder coated steel plate. A two point wall hanging system is used to ensure stability when operating - brackets and screws included for frame. Portrait or landscape hanging format possible.

    Overall sizes including frame:

    - Standard Rectangular Blank canvas: 620 x 420 x 20mm @ 1.9kg

       (Packaged in a brown cardboard box with total weight of 2.9kg)

    - Standard Square Blank Canvas: 620 x 620 x 20mm @ 2.8kg 

       (Packaged in a brown cardboard box with total weight of 4kg)

    - Large Rectangular Blank Canvas: 920 x 620 x 20mm @ 3,6kg

       (Packaged in a brown cardboard box with total weight of 5.2kg)

    - Large Square Blank Canvas: 920 x 920 x 20mm @ 5.2kg

       (Packaged in a brown cardboard box with total weight of 7.3kg)



    -Indoor use only 

    -Not suitable for children

    -Please handle with care, powder coated steel finish is not scratch resistant

    -Indoor use only 

    -Design and Manufacture in the Melbourne area, Australia

    -TOO D(ynamic) Art is a patented geometric wall art system: Patent number 2019100319


    TOO Tone Clock is a minimalist design wall clock. The clock face consists of a combination of two folded powder coated aluminium plate parts (Part A & Part B) forming a circular disc. The clock can be rotated around the mechanism axis to create different visual effects.

    • Available in 3 x Sizes:
      • Standard (250 mm diameter x 20mm),
      • Large (500 mm diameter x 20mm)
      • Extra large (750mm diameter x 20mm)
    • Mechanism: German manufactured UTS standard mechanism for the Standard and Large size. UTS high torque mechanism for the Extra large size.
    • Uses 1 x AA Battery (not included).
    • Please take caution when changing the battery (the clock hands can bend when clock is put down on its face)
    • Please handle with care, the powder coated steel clock face are not scratch resistant

    • Packaged in brown cardboard box

    • Indoor use only
    • TOO Tone Clock is a Registered design: Number 201913269

    Please allow 5 business days for processing orders plus extra days for delivery time (as selected by rate for shipping carrier and time frame)

    Please see calculated rates at checkout to get an accurate cost (depending on your location). 

    We are based in Melbourne region of Victoria, Australia.

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